Is the instant cost estimate accurate?

Our instant cost estimate tools use a range of publicly available data and pricing information provided by our partner installers to estimate approximate costs and savings for different options, based on your situation. The estimates are not a personalised quote or electrical advice, and you can expect some variation between the estimate and the final quote. For a personalised quote and advice that accounts for your exact circumstances, household energy usage profile and the specifications of your home, you can book a free inspection with a certified installer.

Does ZapCat provide the products and installation service?

No, we refer you to a certified local installer who provides both the products and installation service. Once you book a free inspection or call with one of our partner installers they will work with you directly to provide the products and installation services you are looking for. We do not sub-contract to partner installers - the customer relationship is directly between you and the installer.

How do I know that the installers are qualified?

We believe in quality local installers who stand by their products. All our partner installers are screened and monitored regularly to ensure they meet our standards for quality and customer service. They must hold valid licences, industry certifications, and appropriate insurances. Our partner installers also offer comprehensive warranties and are reviewed based on customer feedback to maintain excellence. We ensure ongoing support and follow-up with customers for satisfaction. Find out more about our screening process here.

How can I be assured of the product quality?

When transitioning your home to clean energy it’s important to use products that are reliable long term. We collaborate with certified partners to curate a selection of their top-quality products from well-established brands. While we always offer a range of products to accommodate various budgets, we prioritise value and reliability, avoiding extremely low-cost options that may compromise quality.

Do the installers offer a warranty?

Yes, we ensure that all our partner installers stand behind their work with industry-leading warranties, including warranties for both the products they provide and their workmanship. Once you complete the instant cost estimate you will be able to see the specific warranties for different products, as well as the workmanship warranty offered by the installer.

What do I do if I want to change my inspection time?

Once you book an inspection you will receive a confirmation email. In the email you will find instructions on how to reschedule the inspection to a different time or day.

What if I don’t want to go ahead after my inspection?

That’s no problem. Our partner installers offer a free inspection with no obligations. If you decide not to go ahead just let the installer know. If you change your mind in the future you can contact us to re-start the process.

Do the installers provide ongoing support and maintenance after installation?

Our partner installers all provide ongoing support and maintenance for the products they install. The level of ongoing support may vary depending on which of their package options you choose. For example, the premium solar packages allow the installer to monitor the performance of your solar panels remotely and provide proactive maintenance, whereas with basic solar packages you would need to monitor performance yourself and contact them when maintenance is required.