A simple guide to hot water heat pumps

Hot water heat pumps are the unsung heroes in the world of energy savings. 

They’re relatively uncommon in Australian homes – but that’s rapidly changing (and for good reason). In 2023, Australian households installed over 128,000 of them – almost 50% more than in 2022.

Behold..the humble hot water heat pump

So what’s the big deal? How much money could you save? Should you get one? How?

If you know absolutely nothing about hot water heat pumps, have no fear. You’re going to learn so much that you’ll want to show off all your new knowledge to your friends.

What is a hot water heat pump?

If we’re going to be talking about them for a while, it probably helps if, you know, we actually explain what they are.

Are hot water heat pumps legit?

Then, we’ll confront head-on some of the stuff you hear (good and bad).

Spoiler alert: Like any other area, you have good and bad products and installers.

Should you get a hot water heat pump?

A lot more people should get a hot water heat pump but that doesn’t mean everyone should rush to get rid of their existing hot water system immediately. This article walks through what you should consider.

The key technical detail that matters

Many people like to stay away from the technical details, but there’s one detail that’s really important – refrigerant. This article walks through the basics of refrigerants and why it’s important to choose the right one.

Which hot water heat pump should I choose?

Now that you have a good foundation, we’re finally ready to start talking about which one to get. We’ll start by walking through the most common brands you’re likely to see, before diving into how to choose a specific model.

All about rebates

We mentioned that there are government rebates and incentives right? We’ll talk about what’s on offer, how much you can get, and explain how they work.

Get a hot water heat pump

If you feel that getting a hot water heat pump is the right move for you, you can get an instant cost estimate from vetted partner installers in your local area.

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