As a social enterprise supporting households with transitioning we periodically conduct research and publish summaries of our findings.

Clean energy transition household research

This research involved 8 in-depth interviews with households in Sydney and a survey of 50 homeowners in NSW. All homeowners were over 30 years old and had an average household income over $60k.

Key findings:

  • There is strong interest in clean energy products.
  • More people are motivated by energy bill savings than environmental benefits.
  • Most people only feel moderately confident researching options and making informed decisions.
  • Most people only have a moderate amount of time to devote to researching options, and some have very little time.
  • The initial up-front cost is the biggest barrier to transitioning.
  • Many people felt that accurate online calculators for costs, savings, and rebates would make it easier for them.
  • Very few people felt that a community meeting would make it easier for them.

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Personas of the household energy transition

We analysed the results of our interviews and surveys to identify different household personas, including:

  • Eco Nerds
  • Optimisation Geeks
  • House Proud
  • Guilty Time-poor
  • Moderate Middle
  • Sceptics

We found that households with different personas had different motivations for transitioning, and preferred different types of resources and tools.

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