How much does it cost to switch from gas to induction cooking?

We wish that getting an induction cooktop was as simple as buying a new microwave, but alas we can’t always get what we want. 

Work is required in a few different areas and this is all reflected in the cost. In this article, we’ll help you understand all the things that might cost you money

Back to basics – what’s a cooktop?

Let’s start with what you’re actually replacing.

Most of us have only seen our cooktop fully installed. What’s the deal? Is the oven and cooktop a single unit or are they separate? Is it permanently attached to the bench? 

Gas cooktop

You have two situations:

If it looks like a single, continuous appliance, then you have a freestanding cooktop & oven as an integrated unit. This can slide right out like a fridge, and you would need to buy another freestanding unit to replace it. 

If it looks like the cooktop is part of the benchtop, then it’s a separate unit, and can actually lift right off the benchtop. That’s what this guide will focus on. 

Freestanding cooktop & ovenCooktop only

When we talk about the cut-out later, we’re referring to the hole where a cooktop would fit into. 

Cooktop cut out

Summary of costs

At the very minimum, you’re looking at $1000 for a basic gas-to-induction conversion in your kitchen.

If you opt for more expensive induction cooktop models, or if it’s a tricky installation, the costs are higher. 

On the flip side, if you want to try out induction cooking with a portable induction cooker first, you can get a decent one for as little as $50.

Approximate costWhat this is for
Cooktop$500 – $5000The product you want to install
Gas plumber$250 – $300Remove your gas cooktop
Electrician$500 – $1800Install your induction cooktop
Stonemason (if needed)$0 – $500Increase the size of your benchtop to fit induction cooktop
Pans (if needed)$0 – $500Purchasing new pans that are induction compatible

What does the gas plumber do?

Before removing your gas cooktop, you have to have a gas plumber (gas fitter) decommission the existing gas cooktop. 

They’ll go into the kitchen cupboard, inspect the gas line, disconnect it from the cooktop, and then put a cap on it to make it safe. This usually takes about 1-2 hours. 

They can pop out the gas cooktop from the benchtop for you so you have a neat cut-out to install a new induction cooktop into. 

What does the stonemason do?

If you have a marble or granite benchtop and the cutout is too small to fit the induction cooktop that you want, then you’ll need a stonemason to cut it for you. 

It’s best to try avoid this by getting a cooktop that requires the same size cut-out as your existing gas cooktop. 

What does the electrician do?

You need an electrician to wire up your new cooktop.

Induction cooktops are powerful, and they draw a lot of power. A standard powerpoint isn’t enough to power a full-size induction, so you need a dedicated circuit for it. 

An electrician will run a new cable from your switchboard to your cooktop. The closer your switchboard is to your cooktop, the cheaper it will be.

And if your switchboard is really old or not compliant, you might need to upgrade that at the same time. 

Do I need new pots and pans?

For pots and pans to work with an induction cooktop, they need to be made of a magnetic material.

Generally speaking:

Pots and pans compatible with induction

Chances are, most of your pots and pans are already induction compatible. You can check yourself by placing a magnet on the base of your pots and pans. If the magnet sticks well, you’re good to go! 

You can also check the underside of your cookware for the induction logo.

Induction logo identifies induction compatible pots and pans.

If your existing pots and pans don’t work, you will need to invest in some that are induction compatible.