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We are a social enterprise helping Australians transition their homes to clean energy.

How we work

We want to make the process of switching to clean energy as simple as possible.


1. Get instant cost and savings estimates.
We'll ask you a few questions and let you know your options instantly, including government rebates.


2. Book a free inspection.
A certified installer will come to your home to inspect it and provide free advice.


3. View personalised proposal.
View your personalised proposal and quote from the installer.


4. Sit back and relax.
Relax while your certified installer gets it all done. Get peace of mind with industry leading after-install support.


Save on bills

Australia has the cheapest solar energy in the world

Most households can save thousands per year on electricity with solar systems that pay themselves off within 3 - 5 years.

Our instant cost estimate will show you the amount you could save.

Save the planet

As a society we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. Installing rooftop solar panels is one of the easiest and most impactful ways you can help.


Government Rebates

The federal and state governments, and some local councils, offer a range of rebates to encourage households to install solar. Our instant cost estimate will show you the rebates you qualify for.

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"Easy website to use! Very handy for someone new to solar panels."

Claire, Melbourne, VIC

"Love that I had to call no one to book and get information...I want this process for other things in my life."

Georgia, Regional NSW

"Super convenient to be able to see costs easily and book the inspection online. A great way to get started with solar."

Tim, Sydney, NSW


    We work with quality

    We carefully screen and select a small number of local partner installers that meet our quality standards, so you can feel confident booking an installation. When selecting our partners we verify:

    • Licences

    • Industry certifications

    • Insurances

    • Ratings and reviews

    • History of high-quality service

    All our partner installers are accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), and stand by the quality of their work with industry leading warranties.


    All installers are accredited


    Industry leading workmanship warranty

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    About Us

    We are a social enterprise.
    Australia needs to rapidly accelerate its transition to clean energy if we are to curb the worst effects of climate change. Our mission is to make it as simple as possible for ordinary Australians to transition their homes to clean energy.

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